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Rel The Chosen: Local Rapper Survives Near-Fatal Car Accident

"Thank God I ain't too cool for the safe belt."

-- Kanye West, ""Through the Wire"

Rocks Off has written glorious reviews about local underground rapper Rel The Chosen. His Beautiful Music mixtape series, both the debut and the follow-up, were fantastic. You'll especially enjoy them if you favor the flavor of soul. Rel's a talented lyricist, and like many fine talents in this city, he's overlooked and underappreciated.

But more important, what you need to know about Rel is that we almost lost him, and thankfully he's making a slow but steady recovery. He's been out of commission for nearly six months since a serious car wreck nearly took his life a week before last Christmas.

Rel tells Rocks Off he was working the night shift, fell asleep behind the wheel and got hit by an SUV at an intersection near Crosby Freeway and the Sam Houston Tollway. The wreck fractured his nose, sliced up the inside of his mouth, broke his hip and he was later rushed to the intensive-care unit after surgery due to a blood clot in his lung.

A metal rod was inserted inside his leg to keep his hip from coming out of place. He has been bedridden for several months now, and in that time, life has been put into perspective for him.

"It's hard to explain how I feel," he says. "I went from spending the day with my daughter and taking her to the movies to laying in a hospital bed. Life is short. It put things into perspective. Every time you do a song, it could be your last, so put your best foot forward."

Luckily, it won't be his last.

On Tuesday, June 19, at Fox Hollow (doors 8:30 p.m.), Rel makes his comeback with a live band, which will serve as a celebration of his return and the life he's lucky to have.

Download Beautiful Music and Beautiful Music 2.

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Contributor Rolando Rodriguez is the co-founder of Trill Multicultural.