Remember Drake's Thank Me Later?

Houston's history is dotted with albums that, fairly or un, have been swept aside. We'll examine them here. Have an album that you think nobody knows about but should? Email Drake Thank Me Later (Cash Money, 2010)

No, Drake isn't technically from Houston, but he likes to pretend he is. In case you're unaware, that relationship was cemented in place because it was J. Prince Jr. who linked Drake up with Lil' Wayne. Besides, the Canadian is a fairly likeable kid, so we'll give him a pass. And no, Thank Me Later, Drake's first official LP, won't technically be released for another two weeks, but it leaked this week. Now, of course we didn't illegally download it. That's a terrible practice. And if you do it regularly we hope you accidentally close a door on your fingers. But, hypothetically speaking, if we did download it, here's what we'd hypothetically say about it. Y'allmustaforgotability: 2 percent Drake has way to much sway on the radio right now for a couple of the nine singles he'll eventually release from TML not to find their way to your ears. No kidding, we wouldn't be surprised if we heard "Over" on the Arrow, Houston's classic-rock station, right between "Hotel California" by the Eagles and "Hotel California"* by the Eagles. *That's not only a shot at the "If You Pay Me Enough Money, I'll Play Your Song On My Station Regardless Of Genre" shady radio practice, but also a dig at The Arrow, which appears to have lost all but nine of the songs from rock's history in a fire or something. Ack. Read what Y'allmustaforgotability means. Best Song on the Album: Ooh, tough one. "Fireworks" fills the most consequential, but Alicia Keys is terribly unnecessary on it. "Up All Night" is probably the most actively hip-hop track on the album, so that one ranks high, but probably not at the top spot. "Light It Up" features a strong spot from Hova, and will no doubt play well live, but loses points because it's a little too expected.

"Shut It Down" is this album's version of "Successful," and it's not a bad attempt at all, and will certainly find its way onto countless 19-year-olds' Sex Mix playlists. But we're going to go with "Over," the perpetually maligned original single. Critics absolutely crushed this song, but it will almost certainly age to be a standout Drake track. Just you watch.

Ironic "Look How Clever I Am For Having This Feature On Here" Feature That Actually Shouldn't Be On The Album: Alicia Keys on "Fireworks." There's really not much to say. She just doesn't need to be on there. This will from heretofore be referred to as the classic Close Up Of The Guy's Face In A Porno mistake in all future YMF articles.

Most Expository Line On The Album: There are a bunch, but the best is the "Call me overrated or created or too jaded because anyway you put it, bitch I made it" line from "Show Me A Good Time." Drizzy Drake has been paying attention to his dissenters, it appears.

Obscure Fact(s) You Can Pawn Off As Your Own So As To Make Yourself Look Smart:

  • There was an interview a ways back when Kanye was talking about 808s where he was talking about how made that album to play in large stadiums. That's exactly what this feels like. It's big and expansive sonically and just slow enough in parts that large, large groups of people can sing along without it sounding terrible. By the way, Kanye's fingerprints are all over this, from the I Wish I Weren't Famous crybaby track to the sing song he produced that sucks now but will probably be really good in about three weeks.
  • Bun makes a super quick cameo in "Miss Me." And Drake also subtly hat-tips Pimp a time or two.
  • "Fancy" is unquestionably the worst song on the album. Don't even bother listening to it. Just go ahead and tell people that you did and that you thought that it was. When they ask you why, just hit 'em with the Head Nod Line Repeat move. (Them: Why was "Fancy" so bad? You: [nods head] It just was, bro. It just was.) Hopefully iTunes will allow offer a version of TML that doesn't include it.

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