Remember Marcus Manchild's Preseason 2?

Houston's history is dotted with albums that, fairly or not, have been swept aside. We'll examine them here. Have an album that you think nobody knows about but should? Email sheaserrano@gmail.com.

There are probably more than a few people who might argue that Marcus Manchild is the best rapper in the entire influx of Houstonians with microphones. Most recently (or memorably, perhaps), he managed to outduel everybody on the official unofficial version of the new era "June 27" track, edging out the furious Propain justbarelybythismuch.

Still, he, like most of the guys who hover near the top of the food chain here in town, is mostly an unknown element. Preseason 2, his 337th mixtape (or something), is his latest attempt at resolving that particular injustice.

Yallmustaforgotability: 97 percent

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Best Feature on the Tape: Several others show up on P2 - Slim Thug, L-E-Dollar Sign, Killa Kyleon, J-Dawg, Delo, more - but tops is out-of-towner Big K.R.I.T.'s work on the frothy "A Million." It would've been reeeaaallly cool if K.R.I.T. was from Houston, because he is almost always enjoyable, but since he's not we'll point out how he, at times, appears to actively sound like Pimp C, which can be a tad grating.

Most Surprising Track on the Tape: The spontaneous combustion of the intro is exciting. And Devin the Dude's buttery coo on "Never Low" is downright nostalgic. And Ira Perez provides an interesting juxtaposition to Manchild on "No Trust" that is still worthwhile. But nowhere does Manchild flex his marketability (that's what this is really all about, right?) than on the melodic/gummy/entirely Drakeian "We Wrong."

Where the First Bit of the Tape Gets Turned Into a Basketball-Related Analogy, And How It Tangentially Proves That Manchild Is A Good Rapper: It takes all of seven seconds before MM reaches a full sprint on P2, which (probably) means he knows that rapping quickly is one of his strengths, and that's good because the last thing any rapper needs is to not know what they're good or bad at.

It's like when you play pick-up basketball at the park and your first pick, the 6'6" black guy with all of the muscles, only wants to launch threes and rebounds like his spine is made of cardboard. Fuck, man, it ain't an algebra problem: If you're taller and stronger than everyone else, just stand near the rim and grab the ball when it enters your airspace.

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At any rate, to rank it: Manchild is good at rapping at a moderate pace, better than good at rapping fast (remember how hardcore he crushed that "Look At Me Now" remix at the beginning of the year?), and just about unstoppable when he combines the two. As long as he does more of the latter two than the former on any given tape, it'll always be, at the least, worth a download.

Should You Download This Tape?: Yes. There are a few less than shining moments (all tucked near the middle of the tape, which is about standard), but more often than not we're given an inspired, healthy Manchild.

Obscure Fact(s) You Can Pawn Off As Your Own To Sound Smart:

Slim Thug, L-E-Dollar Sign, Killa Kyleon and J-Dawg are all tied together through their either current or former allegiance with the Boss Hogg Outlawz. What's more, after leaving BHO, Kyleon was briefly a part of AMG, the label Manchild is currently with.The more you know...

Download Preaseason 2 from datpiff.com.

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