Reminder: Rocks Off's Free Lego Rock Band Party at Khon's Tomorrow

Tomorrow night at Khon's, Rocks Off lets you open up your first Christmas present of the season, our brand new copy of Lego Rock Band. We promise that you won't have to kiss any of us on the cheek afterwards or write a detailed thank-you note like your Mom would make you do back in the day when you got a gift from Grandma or a creepy uncle. As with our previous parties over at Coffee Groundz, there will be giveaways like Rocks Off T-shirts, concert tickets and copious fun and drinking. Khon's is a pretty chill place, and the coffeehouse has been hosting quite a few indie shows in the past few months organized by employee and Golden Cities mastermind Marcus Gauesphol. Earlier this month they held the first annual Lost In Space Festival with B L A C K I E and twelve other bands. It's definitely a good place to get your rock star on, even if it's with a tiny plastic guitar and drum kit. We have not yet unwrapped the game, so we can all experience it together like the family we all are. We never would have thought all those years ago building Lego houses and whatnot that we would one day be rocking out to a Lego version of Iggy Pop. From what we have seen from the videos on YouTube, the game play looks pretty stellar.

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