Remix Rev. Joseph Lowery's Inaugural Benediction

Remix Rev. Joseph Lowery's Inaugural Benediction

America is now basking in the glow of our new President and his hottie of a First Lady. That is if you aren't Sean Hannity, Michael Berry or John McCain, we guess. The whirlwind inaugural festivities and musical performances are slowly fading from memory as the new administration gets its bearings.

As Rocks Off watched the ceremony Tuesday afternoon, ignoring our daily Rocks Off chores for a few minutes, we heard the trill rhymes of Rev. Joseph Lowery's stirring benediction and, just like the entire world, became inspired. Also inspired by local boogie monsters Glasnost, we thought of no greater way to commemorate our nation's entry into a more promising age by having a remix contest using the oldster's motivational rapping.


here's the sound file

from his benediction for your creative use (right-click to download). If you think you can make something headbanging out of this, have at it. If you wanna chop and screw the thing, or record ten minutes of grindcore over it, you can. Send them here, and we'll post your tracks in the next few days.

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