Report: Sara Evans, Billy Currington Playing July 4 Fest

Culturemap, the Houston Web site that loves rubbing shoulders with celebrities and other "insiders" but is generally content to limit its music coverage to the kind of artists familiar to the average People magazine reader, has unleashed a scoop that will surely have the rest of Houston talking until at least their lunch breaks are over.

The article, whose headline starts "The secret is out," says safe-as-milk pop-country singers Billy Currington and Sara Evans are the headliners at this year's Freedom Over Texas festival in Eleanor Tinsley Park on July 4. The City of Houston had planned to announce that information Monday in a 10 a.m. press conference at City Hall; Rocks Off got the same press release and everything. The only source cited in the article is "Culturemap has learned."

Well okay, then. To be fair, Freedom Over Texas draws the kind of crowds that perk up Culturemap's interest. The article says gated attendance will be limited to 100,000 people, which we'll admit is a lot. (They also covered Free Press Summer Press last year, finally, and they're all over the rodeo.) The city usually puts a couple of interesting and/or popular local artists further down the bill, but we guess Culturemap wasn't interested in that particular scoop.

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Still, we don't know what they're all excited about. This is Billy Currington and Sara Evans we're talking about here, not George Strait at Reliant Stadium. Seriously, does anybody even go to this thing for the music?

July 4 falls on a Wednesday this year. Please continue with your Friday afternoon.

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