Revention Crowd Easily Falls Under My Morning Jacket's Spell

My Morning Jacket
Revention Music Center
April 28, 2016

Halfway through their third song at Revention Music Center Thursday night, psychedelic indie-rockers My Morning Jacket really hit their stride.

The entire crowd had been transfixed by the band's performance of "Compound Fracture" as the lights emanating from the back of the stage danced alongside plumes of smoke floating just above our heads.

Front man Jim James ended the song with an extended guitar solo, during which the lights were lowered to the audience's eye level, and fans ran their hands through them as he generated a beautiful cacophony of sound with his guitar.

The lights abruptly turned off as James finished playing, and loud cheers from the crowd immediately rang out through the pitch-black venue.

My Morning Jacket's performance was a sight to be seen, a sound to be heard and an event to be experienced. With a set that lasted nearly two hours, the Kentucky-born five-piece refused to leave its drunken (or otherwise intoxicated) fan base wanting.

At no point during their performance did My Morning Jacket address the crowd. There was no shout-out to the Bayou City or rhetorical "How’s everyone doing tonight?"

Instead, the band held the crowd's unwavering attention with extended instrumentation at the end of their songs and a light show that was likely especially entertaining for the fans who generated the dense clouds occupying the ceiling space.

Near the end of the show, just before the encore, My Morning Jacket performed a cover of Prince’s “Purple Rain,” garnering screams from the crowd as a dozen or so seasoned veterans raised their lighters into the air to honor the recently deceased icon.

Quite a few attendees were spotted taking selfies before the show, but not a single phone was in sight by the end of it. My Morning Jacket’s light show simultaneously captured and amplified their musical abilities, as if watching James wail on the guitar weren't entertaining enough.  

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To be fair, that could just be the secondhand clouds talking. But maybe, just maybe, if something genuinely interesting is happening onstage, fans will willingly put away their iPhones and tablets. Thursday night seemed proof of as much.

And in that regard, My Morning Jacket’s show was a shining example of a concert done right in 2016. They really are one of those bands that deliver something in person that exceeds the standard concert format: an experience that won’t be soon forgotten by anyone who was there.

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