Reverberations: Thee Headcoatees, The Love Me Nots, The Black Hollies and L.A. Slumlords

We’re still getting the ball rolling over here, so expect this space to grow, specifically with an array of record reviews in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I recommend taking notice of the reissue of Thee Headcoatees’ four Vinyl Japan albums, out next Tuesday on Damaged Goods.

On the live front, it should be a solid week for anyone with even an amateur’s level of stamina:

Thursday at Rudyard’s: Phoenix’s The Love Me Nots, playing their first ever Texas gig, bring stylish, sultry badass-ery – a little like Holly Golightly with a touch of Janis Joplin and sex appeal – plenty of Farfisa and Michael Johnny Walker’s fuzz laden guitars. Also appearing are local thunderheads The Born Liars with fellow Houstonians – and Disaro recording artists – Black Black Gold. (You can read a 2006 cover story on The Love Me Nots in Press sister paper Phoenix New Times.)


Sunday at Rudyard’s: Psych mod with The Black Hollies, touring on their sophomore album, Casting Shadows. These guys are unabashed sonic bandits who wear their influences on their sleeves, taking cues from the likes of Love, Yardbirds and damn near anyone else who was instrumental in creating the genre. It’s '60s rock for people who weren’t there. Openers are New Orleans psychedelic outfit Bipolaroid.


Wednesday at Rudyard’s: On the Jugend side, you’ll have the street rock of L.A. Slumlords. If you have any idea what a Turbojugend night entails, you need no description of the band. And L.A. Slumlords may not be classic "garage," but it’s some of the more garage y hard rock happening this week. And why complain? Go do a shot and pump your fist.


-- Chris Henderson

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.