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Le Butcherettes and Death From Above Deliver A Great Concert in Houston

Jesse F. Keeler celebrates his birthday on stage in Houston.
Jesse F. Keeler celebrates his birthday on stage in Houston.
Photo by Jack Gorman

Heads Up! Is Now Tour
November 12, 2018
Warehouse Live

The cold front rolled in and brought drizzly rain causing Houstonians to break out heavier jackets and hoodies. Certainly immune to the chilled weather were Death From Above as witnessed by vocalist and drummer, Seb Grainger performing shirtless and barefoot covered only in white overalls. The Studio at Warehouse Live quickly warmed up as Jesse F. Keeler took his bass guitar and the duo set the venue ablaze punching out “Dead Womb.”

It is simply incredible how much noise can be generated from two people. The duo played through their original six song EP Heads Up and several other tracks from three studio albums. Although the EP was released more than 15 years ago, songs from Heads Up like “Losing Friends” and “Do It!” still sounds fresh.

Death From Above create musical chaos at Warehouse Live.
Death From Above create musical chaos at Warehouse Live.
Photo by Jack Gorman

Dressed in all black — barring the the white sneakers and golden pig belt buckle — bassist Keeler celebrated his birthday on stage. He stated that he spent his last birthday in Utah and it sucked. Luckily he was here on Monday night with a crowd that was happy to celebrate for him. A master of his craft, at times he played the Rickenbacker Bass with his teeth then turned to a speaker to get the signature squelchy feedback associated with the first studio album, You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine.

For a majority of the show, Grainger was ball of controlled chaos, seated behind the drum kit and pounding on the skins, stomping on the foot pedals and singing into his microphone. It was not unlike watching a stationary hummingbird sucking up sugar water while his wings are moving so fast they are blurry. He is the best drummer/vocalist since Phil Collins.

Seb Grainger is the best vocalist/drummer since Phil Collins.
Seb Grainger is the best vocalist/drummer since Phil Collins.
Photo by Jack Gorman

After they performed the songs on the printed setlist, the duo returned for an encore asking the crowd what they wanted to hear. The duo finished the night out upon getting requests yelled out by fans and belting they belted out, “Little Girl” and “Pull Out.” No one left the venue disappointed.

How were the openers?

It seems unfair to refer to Le Butcherettes as the openers given that they are one of the best live bands over the past ten years. Teri Gender Bender and crew are definitely “strong/ENOUGH” to head on tour on their own and take over headlining gigs. The energetic front woman hailing from Mexico greeted the crowd and noted it had been four years since we had seen her last.

Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes mesmerizes fans at Warehouse Live.
Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes mesmerizes fans at Warehouse Live.
Photo by Jack Gorman

Weaving her tales with an energetic passion and haunting vocals during “My Mallely,” she growled and yipped like a coyote on “La Uva”. A mesmerizing sight, especially with the crisp squinted glare and red stripe painted across her face just below her nose.

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Just like King Buzzo of The Melvin’s did four years ago, Seb Grainger came to the side of the stage to catch some of the set by their tour mates. Upon finishing the nearly hour long set, Gender Bender said, “¡Gracias!” and the band came together at the middle of the small stage and took a bow.

DFA Setlist
Dead Womb
Too Much Love
Do It!
My Love Is Shared
Losing Friends
If We Don’t Make It We’ll Fake It
Outrage! Is Now
Caught Up
Turn It Out
White Is Red
Holy Books
Freeze Me
Going Steady
Trainwreck 1979
Romantic Rights
Physical World

Little Girl
Pull Out

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