Last Night: Jimmy Eat World & Manchester Orchestra at 713 Music Hall

Jimmy Eat World
Jimmy Eat World Photo by kelleemack pr
Jimmy Eat World
Manchester Orchestra
713 Music Hall
August 7, 2023

Some say that rock is dead, that it lacks interesting developments and is losing relevance in today's musical landscape.

And sure, it’s not as prevalent as it once was, but several bands continue bringing energy and innovation to the genre. In fact, two of them visited the Bayou City just last night.

With a combined 50 years of professional musicianship between them, Jimmy Eat World and Manchester Orchestra's "Amplified Echoes" tour was both a nostalgic journey for longtime fans and a showcase of newer material.

Manchester Orchestra took the stage first, impressing the crowd with their variety and intensity. From the frantic, heavier cuts like "Shake It Out" and "Cope" to the Americana and prog-rock leaning likes of "The Gold" and "Bed Head,” the Atlanta rockers left it all onstage.

Jimmy Eat World came next. After beginning their set with a track from their latest release – “Congratulations" – the Arizona-based quartet took the crowd back to their collective youth with the iconic "Bleed American," which remains a banger more than two decades since its release.

Throughout the night, vocalist Jim Adkins entertained the audience with lighthearted jokes and tales of his band's history – including performances at the now-defunct Fizgerald’s. Whether leading singalongs or igniting energetic mosh pits, there wasn't a single dull moment on Monday night.

Far from being relics of the past, both Manchester Orchestra and Jimmy Eat World have evolved to remain relevant and exciting. All these years later, their sounds remain recognizable even as both acts veer into new territory.

Rock's influence might not be as massive as it used to be, but Monday night's show was something else. It felt like proof that there are still bands out there showcasing rock's timelessness. And if the packed venue was any indication - never mind all the kids in attendance - there's still an appetite for it too.

(Manchester Orchestra)
Keel Timing
Bed Head
I Can Barely Breathe
Pale Black Eye
The Way
Simple Math
I Can Feel A Hot One
The Maze
The Gold
Shake It Out
The Silence

(Jimmy Eat World)
Bleed American
Something Loud
For Me This Is Heaven
Just Tonight
Lucky Denver Mint
A Praise Chorus
Place Your Debts
Hear You Me
The Middle
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