Miguel and The Ascension Tour Provide a Solid Show at Revention Last Night

Miguel showed off his vocal range last night.
Miguel showed off his vocal range last night. Photo by David "Odiwams" Wright

Miguel, dvsn, Nonchalant Savant
The Ascension Tour
Revention Music Center
September 10, 2018

Certain artists just “get it” and Miguel, for as often as he comes to Houston is one. That “it” is the ability to tie stage craftsmanship with very few theatrics to enthrall a crowd. Although he was just here in July, the “Skywalker” singer made it a point to swing back around for his Ascension Tour with dvsn and Nonchalant Savage.

Monday night was no different. With an elaborate backdrop and a live band that played to his every cue, Miguel used every bit of his two-hour set to flex and show off from vocal range to how varied and ala carte his catalog is. Songs like “Adore” became big because they preached to the simpleness of feeling good while in love, or at least while getting there.

At times, Miguel picked up the axe himself and played a few records while casually slipping into wardrobe changes and upping the tempo on certain songs. “How Many Drinks” went from being a silky number about lust at first sight to a near turn-up anthem. There’s a sexiness to it and with songs like “Come Through And Chill,” Miguel would stroll around the stage, big smile, and enthusiasm. It was evident he was saving his energy to run up his staircase set, do spins and be an entertainer of the highest order.

An entertainer that writes some pretty amazing love songs.

Before fans even got to Miguel, they were already knocked back and thrilled by dvsn, the R&B group signed to Drake’s October’s Very Own imprint. Which meant, if you were on a date Monday night — you pretty much set yourself up for plenty of kudos afterward.
click to enlarge dvsn showed off their Toronto R&B. - PHOTO BY DAVID "ODIWAMS" WRIGHT
dvsn showed off their Toronto R&B.
Photo by David "Odiwams" Wright

Dvsn’s entire motif since they arrived on the scene has been about showing off Toronto R&B. What makes it different from any other region’s sound is how much it leans strictly on the ‘90s. See their “Too Deep” single which appeared Monday night like an old friend who came into town for a good time. The reverb and drop reminiscent of Ginuwine’s “So Anxious” has always been a go-to pallet for Daniel Daley, the vocalist within dvsn. Once producer Nineteen85 cued it up, Daley played around the track like a cat with yarn, lifting “Too Deep” to new heights and appeasing everyone who knew Ginuwine’s bedroom ready original.

Daley’s enjoyment of jumping back into the ‘90s and early 2000s offered some surprising moments on stage. He covered Usher’s “U Got It Bad” but didn’t stay too long in that one pocket. He effortlessly let his huge falsetto ring out for songs such as “Morning After” and “Hallucinations,” satisfying every woman who wished a man could sing to her like that and every man who was happy that only Daniel Daley could sing like that.

The entire night was built around the premise of gliding, entrancing R&B. On a bill that featured the stop-you-in-your-track vocals of dvsn’s Daniel Daley, fans inside Revention could duck away from the rain for a moment and just sing about love, happiness and even the tricky parts that some people refuse to navigate.
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