Riff Raff and the Year of the White Rapper

Riff Raff is misunderstood, and that's completely understandable. His stream of consciousness is more like a river of codeine, and floating in it are fragments of screw-tape freestyles and designer brands.

Neverthelless, Raff had a great 2012 and has put out a final mixtape, called Hologram Panda, to celebrate the holidays. His standout "Riffmas" carol from the tape? "Peppermint Tint," which showcases Riff Raff's falsetto voice as an ode to the down-South tradition of comparing our slabs to decadent treats.

It's a proper ending to a very confusing year for fans of the eccentric rapper originally from Houston, one that saw him go from MTV's From G's To Gents to signing with Soulja Boi's label to signing with Diplo's label, Mad Decent. Plus, he collaborated with hella white-girl rappers.

But that was just the tip of the Icee chain, according to Riff Raff. He's promising two albums with Mad Decent and more major projects coming up in 2013. For now, we'll take a look back on some of his best-worst cuts from 2012.


"Bird On a Wire," with Action Bronson When people started calling him the white Rick Ross, Bronson put his shirt back on. Thank goodness, too, because those nips were too much for TV (see: "Typhoon Rap"). Whatever Action Bronson is doing, he's doing it right and representing for gingers everywhere. All he needed was a little (toned down) Riff Raff, and the song took off.


"Time" Here's one of the earlier tracks where Riff Raff shows off his singing voice. He also offers up some deep thoughts. Time goes by, it goes on, and it don't stop. This video was shot while he was signed to SODMG, Soulja Boi's label. It undoubtedly helped secure his fanbase...what with all of the shots of him lying on the carpet with his hair sprawled out.

"Squirt," with Lil Debbie Riff Raff made a few appearances with the members of the "White Girl Mob" (Kreayshawn, her sister V-Nasty, and friend Lil Debbie) and this was -- believe it or not -- one of the better-worst ones.


"Orion's Belt" feat. Kitty Pryde The days of "Tumblr stars" are over, especially for Kitty Pryde. Insert some meme here. The Tumblr rapper turned overnight sensation proved that she can rap, but can't hold her Tumblr followers' attention long enough... go figure. Riff Raff, on the other hand, proved that he has a firm grasp on the Internet and what's topical.


"Gotta Ball," with V-Nasty & Lil Debbie Raff has to be one of the only rappers besides Gucci Mane who will unashamedly collaborate with V-Nasty, who got into trouble earlier this year for throwing around a few racial slurs. Judging by her verse in this song, Riff Raff may have taught her how to properly "po up." Too bad he didn't teach her some valuable hygiene lessons.


"Rap Game Donut Sprinkles," with Not The 1s What a letdown. With a title like that, you have to expect greatness. Unfortunately, none of these donuts delivered in this cut. And the phrase "white boy wasted" is not funny when a white boy says it. Especially not in a rap song.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.