RIP Bob Dylan?

At first, when Rocks Off saw this flyer (right) come over ye olde MySpace, we didn't really give it much thought. It looked like a decent night of tunes from a bunch of dead rockers - maybe some "Lithium", a little "Purple Haze." After all, the night is dedicated to rockers who have gone on to the big festival in the sky, right? But when did Bob Dylan die? You know, Jakob Dylan's dad. The old dude from those "Victoria's Secret ads" a few years back, whose album due in April has a song about Houston on it. Rocks Off monitors music news pretty solidly. We lurk on message boards and Web sites all day, pushing "refresh" endlessly. We never saw anything about him passing on, and when he does one day die, it's going to be an international event akin to the Pope or Willie Nelson dying. We can reluctantly forgive a typo by someone at Rocbar who is ill-informed, but we will be super-pissed if somehow Zimmy dies between now and tomorrow night. If he does end up dying, then maybe Rocbar is run by a crack-team of psychics. To that end, we morbidly suggest that they have another night spotlighting artists who aren't dead just yet to see what happens. Like Clay Aiken...

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