R.I.P. Dave Rask

Rocks Off has learned that Houston singer-songwriter Dave Rask, who sustained severe burns earlier this week and was rushed to Galveston's John Sealy Hospital, passed away from his injuries earlier today. He was 27. "It threw us all off - we weren't expecting anything like this to happen," Rask's friend and bandmate Farrak Hallaron says. "It's been a pretty horrifying day." A Seabrook native, Rask played in Death by Texas (formerly Midnight Pilots), Barstool Forest and more recently had been performing solo. "He was really dedicated - he was the one who would get us all together and make sure we were recording," Hallaron says. "He was always the one to get excited about it - he would stay up all night and put all these minuscule details in, and freak out about it, and get us to freak out about it. It's unfortunate, because nobody got a chance to hear these things, especially that Barstool Forest stuff. That never got recorded." Rask was also an avid vinyl collector and talented painter, Hallaron says, who painted "real abstract stuff, stuff you wouldn't imagine or think to paint." Funeral plans are pending, and Hallaron doesn't know if any kind of tribute show for Rask will be put together. "He was kind of the heart and soul of both projects," he says. "They were his bands. Without Dave, it's kind of hard to pull off anything at this point."

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