R.I.P. Lala.com: 2006-2010

By midnight tonight, Lala.com will have passed on to the great Web site graveyard in the sky to lay in eternal rest with Broadcast, TV Links and Imeem. We will miss Lala for all the rich flavors it bestowed on us, even the embarrassing things we discovered that we liked along the way during our seven-month love affair. The site, owned by Apple, will darken today as news of a new iTunes.com looms in the future. Lala could very likely have been axed to make market room for such a broader version of the popular iPod feeder. It began simply enough, by listening to new albums in full ahead of bands' Houston dates and soon progressed into dredging up acts that we had never got a formal introduction to. Fad Gadget, The Screamers, The Ink Spots, and countless others were all brought to Rocks Off's attention from Lala's recommendations. We even had two playlists, both full of sad bastard music we listened to when we felt like being mopey. You will never see that list. What's funny is that all those tracks now could be about Lala leaving us. Bitch. We tried Last.fm but it felt weird and dirty. It's just too soon. For now we will make do with YouTube again, we guess. Thankfully it has already given us plenty of things to laugh at to forget Lala is leaving us. Like this....

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