Yes, the Internet rumors are true, America's gruesome twosome powerhouse juggernaut pop duo LMFAO -- those rambunctious iconoclasts -- have decided to part ways for now, leaving the music world with an empty, party-less hole.

Rewind: Last Night: LMFAO at Toyota Center

It was just three years ago that the party-rockers enconsced America's hearts and ears with invocations to take shots, rock parties, and visit Miami.

Now, like the Beatles before them, they have shut the door on the dreams of millions, leaving listeners of all ages and creeds with tears in their eyes, and memories in their hearts. All we have our YouTube clips and illegal downloads to keep us warm.

As LMFAO exits the world's stage, a new pop crusader, Korean sensation Psy and his "Gangnam Style" overtook the imagination of the party people. Could he be our new savior? Our Dylan?

Redfoo and SkyBlu, arguably the Lennon and McCartney for millenials, taught us how to fly, and now we must all soar alone. As the pair closes this chapter in their lives -- for now -- we must all remember the good times. The parties, the ladies, the shuffling we did everyday, and especially, the moments of sheer musical elation.

As we have all been taught since we could comprehend, nothing lasts forever. Nothing gold can stay, and sometimes, sometimes things like this happen to test our resolve.

No telling who will take the reins over from LMFAO -- if ever -- but we can have watching some of the new kids try.

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Craig Hlavaty
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