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RIP Roky Moon & BOLT! 2009-2012

According to a Facebook post by Roky Moon & BOLT lead singer and songwriter Mike Hardin, Houston's beloved glam-punk-rock-Broadway group is no more as of this year's Free Press Summer Fest.

The statement reads as follows:

Turn out the lights . . . the party's over.

Roky Moon and BOLT! is saying goodbye. We have done all that we feel we can in this current form and will begin to look to other avenues to bring rock n roll to the people.

I personally began writing all of this music over and a half years ago and a lot has changed since then. I intend to continue writing and performing as Roky Moon with the help of Cassie Hargrove and Aaron Echegaray but it will not be Roky Moon and BOLT!

There are no hard feelings here and we can all agree this is the right thing to do. Anyway if you're a fan of our music and you want to catch us live you have 5 chances between now and our last show at Summerfest in June. We would love to see you all as this will be the last time we play any of these songs.

Thanks to everyone who came to shows and supported us during our time, we love you all very much!

-- Roky Moon

The band's next show is set for this weekend at Mills-McCoin's Rock & Roll Circus at the Orange Show. Lately Hardin -- who moved to Austin with RM&B keyboardist Cassie Hargrove back in late 2011 -- has been making time with his old band the American Sharks.

This is sad news for Rocks Off, considering we were there on the night of the band's debut, and at most every major milestone of the band's life, including every album release. Every show at the Mink upstairs was a party and an event, and they never once failed to deliver a killer live show.

But all things must pass, as they say. We hope to hear more from the BOLTers as the years go by.

Free Press Summer Fest Reunion show in 2020??

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