R.I.P. Thirteenth Floor Elevators/International Artists Engineer Walt Andrus

Walt Andrus, best known as the engineer of numerous Thirteenth Floor Elevators sessions, has gone where the pyramid meets the eye. Andrus, who engineered many of the most famous sessions for Houston's infamous International Artists label during the psychedelic period, was living in Truth or Consequences, N.M., when he passed away from melanoma. He was 72. While Andrus is most famous for his Thirteenth Floor Elevators session work, he was also involved with recording seminal Texas psychedelic acts like Lost & Found, Golden Dawn, the Red Krayola's free-form psychedelic opus, The Parable of Arable Land, and Fever Tree's 1968 classic Another Time, Another Place. He also worked for a time with Don Robey at the Duke-Peacock label. Easter Everywhere, considered by many to be the fullest flowering of psychedelic music, was recorded at Andrus Studios on Broadway near the Houston Ship Channel during the summer of 1967. Most International Artists material was recorded at Andrus's studio until IA purchased Gold Star studios circa 1968. In a 1996 interview with Richie Unterberger, the Red Krayola's Mayo Thompson said of Andrus, "Walt Andrus was head of the best studio in Houston, and in that particular period, he recorded everybody. Euphoria, who were definitely West Coast psychedelic progenitors of surf music, South Bay surf music, incredible guitar playing, power trio, the bass player out of the band that made "Pipeline" or "Wipe Out" or one of those kind of things, and a great drummer and a good guitar player. What you saw with Hendrix - the same principle, taken to its highest expression. Walt recorded this album." Andrus was instrumental in remixing the Elevators catalog for the 10-CD recent box set Sign of the 3 Eyed Men. Funeral arrangements are pending.

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