Road Trip? Morrissey Coming To Beaumont, Not Houston, In December

Later this year Texas will once again be graced by the presence of former Smiths frontman and cult icon Morrissey, who is embarking on a shortish U.S. tour.

The frequently controversial crooner and vegetarian hero is hitting all the major cities in the Lone Star State, like Pharr...and Wichita Falls... and El Paso. The closest he gets to Houston is a December 1 date in Beaumont, surely a dagger in the beleaguered hearts of the Mozz's Bayou City fan base.

To be fair, he's hitting some smaller markets all over the country, so it's not like he is punishing his fans all over the map. He's just trying to reach the ones who don't live in major cities like Houston, Austin, Dallas or San Antonio. Frankly, I am shocked he didn't book a Corpus Christi gig.

Maybe he couldn't find one down in Corpus that wouldn't serve meat products at the concession stands. Check out a recent tour rider of his.

The last time that Steven Patrick Morrissey was last here in Houston on April 11, 2009 for a set at Jones Hall, which Rocks Off covered with our customary vigor and aplomb. In other words, shit was rad.

At that point Mozz was touring behind his recently-released album Years of Refusal, which you all remember as the one with the baby on the cover. Morrissey and babies, not something you expect to see together. Like Ted Nugent and Rachel Maddow.

Morrissey will be playing Beaumont's historic Jefferson Theater, which was built in 1927. No Ford Pavilion or Nutty Jerry's in nearby Winnie for this guy. While we are on the subject, Beaumont has a pretty lively indie and metal scene if you feel like making the trek.

The Jefferson looks perfect for a Morrissey show, a sight better than a corporate venue to be honest. Seats are a good thing, with a seating capacity of around 1,400. Wiki has a cool entry on it too, if you need more goading into driving that far east. I mean, you drive to Austin to see live music, right?

And if you can't make one of the Texas gigs on his new itinerary, don't worry, he's not retiring anytime soon, according to the man himself.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.