Screwston, Texas

Rob G: Houston's Great Brown Hope

Step into the hip-hop elevator of the Dirty South with Rocks Off. We're going on a field trip. Don't worry. We'll let you "press the button."

Right now we are on floor "B," which stands for basement...more like rap basement, where Houston's Latino rap underground is bubbling with heat ready to volcano into the mainstream with the eagerness of Mount St. Helens. Don't worry; we'll be back.

But today we are taking a journey to the top floor. When we get there, you might see A-listers like Chamillionare, Pitbull and Play N Skills, so spare us the star-struck squeals, OK?

You're looking for "PH" in this elevator, naturally, because in any other building, the penthouse is the pinnacle. Not in this building, and not on this Alief block. Look for the button with "RG" on it. Did you find it?

Good. Press it with the eagerness of a young child. Now allow us to elevate to a floor that is the life of Rob G, Houston's great brown hope. As we slowly ascend, we're going to tell you about Rob G and why he could be instrumental to the Latino hip-hop scene, not only in Houston, but in America.

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Contributor Rolando Rodriguez is the co-founder of Trill Multicultural.