New Houston Rap

Rob Gullatte & Show Louis: The Sophisticated Savages

The first time you're introduced to Rob Gullatte may not be in a public setting. Instead it may come behind a firewall, where his country drawl can be masked behind 140 characters -- but his affinity for the Dallas Cowboys, his Alief surroundings and wanting better for his son are as loud as a ringing klaxon. This is where you may see Gullatte, quick to declare himself The Best Rapper on Twitter, interact with common people; all while carrying the confidence of a man who may be 160 pounds, but would still swing on a super-heavyweight who weighs around two J.J. Watts stacked atop one another, too.

You may not enjoy this meeting with Gullatte, but you're intrigued that someone would at least dare bellow out of his chest that he is the best above all others.

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