New Houston Rap

Rob Gullatte's "Seen It All" Passes the Sniff Test

The fun thing about having a rap column is that you get to sift through plenty to understand even more. Some projects, such as the fruitful, fire-charged ones by Neko and Stephen Jackson this week, are preludes to something bigger (Neko as an EP, Jackson as an album-before-the-album a la Lil Keke). And some singles bring up new artists and new discoveries even when you're bored with the product or tired of inventing new ways to determine if something is hard, forceful or even passes the sniff test.

There are a few shows coming up, namely the RUN HOU event put on by T.H.E.M. at Fitzgerald's this weekend (tix here) that should have your attention. Hell, there's a show damn near every week that should have your full attention. Then again, myself and the rest of the world are promptly waiting on new music from Roosh Williams, DeLorean and a host of others. That would put a nice little bow on Houston rap in 2014, the year that everybody realized they're in this together whether they like one another or not.

Or you could be like Rob Gullatte and just rap for the utter hell of it. To the songs of the week!

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