#Bars Intro"">

Rob Jay Gets Really Weird On "#Bars Intro"

Not sure what to do with this.

Rob Jay, as surmised by temporary rap-group mate Hollywood FLOSS, reads too much. He's too smart for his own good, too meta for meta, too heady for anything other than marginal underground acclaim. This here video here would seem to confirm that, which is good.

Or bad. I don't know. I guess it depends. Whatever.

It's like this: For someone to become a known and coveted (and championed) rapper, said rapper must possess at least either a) an instantly recognizable and interesting voice, something that announces a presence without being too grating; or b) a sizable amount of wit to draw upon so as to keep the interest of the listener. If you have both, your chances of "making it" are exponentially better.

Jay owns a pedestrian voice/delivery -- comparable comparisons: Toyota Camry; Lee jeans; lawn chair -- but he is flush with jeu d'esprit, which is enough to necessitate your taking at least a few bits of time to hear it. The six best lines he manages to squeeze into this less-than-two-minute intro track to #BARS, a project he's working on with blog Kevin Nottingham meant to display his lyrical temerity:

6. "I'm still ad-libbing, got four different 'Wow's."

5. "Butterflies and lizards are fans of me."

4. "Yesterday the grass said it can't stand the heat. Said, 'Jay, do the rain dance for me.'"

3. "My Mac cuts itself on and starts jamming me."

2. "If I talk to a tree, it'll answer me. Even the concrete be understanding me."

1. "I'm out of this world with ancient alien friends, Ding and Dat, they some Uranian twins."

To reiterate: I don't know what to do with this. What I do know is that if I miss the second installment, it won't be because I wasn't trying to see it.

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