Robin Thicke

Alan Thicke made his money with the '80s ABC sitcom Growing Pains. His son Robin Thicke makes his dough singing about groin pains, and he does a pretty good job. We have been working on that pun since we first heard Robin's breakthrough album, 2006's The Evolution of Robin Thicke; you're welcome, world. The younger Thicke has planted himself firmly in the R&B world with his slow-jam factory, bringing to mind a white Marvin Gaye who shops at Express or a really horny Michael Bublé. Alan's son has a voice as light and dewy as a sweaty whisper, and female-friendly as a Katherine Heigl movie and gift certificate to DSW. His last album, 2009's Sex Therapy, vaulted him onto the same level of modern R&B singers as Usher and R. Kelly. This year he should be dropping new material and panties, in no particular order.
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Craig Hlavaty
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