Rocks Off Announcing 2010 HPMA Nominees Next Week

Rocks Off ran some numbers this morning, and it appears that almost 70,000 people have filled out either all or part of this year's Houston Press Music Awards nomination ballot. While we couldn't be happier with such an overwhelming response, as you might imagine, 70,000 nominations spread out over more than 40 categories adds up to a whole lot of paperwork, even if it's not actually on paper. Rocks Off's compadre in crime tells us that were we to print out the entire document, it would take up more than 350 pages, but we're a little too fond of trees to do something like that. Although we had originally hoped to announce the nominees this week, we still need a few more days to process all this information, check to see all the nominations are legit, that sort of thing. Remember, nominees are determined by both popular support through the online nomination ballot and consultation between Rocks Off and a council of our closest advisors. We should have the names ready to announce by the middle of next week, and of course we'll give you plenty of advance notice. Voting in this year's HPMAs begins July 15 online. The first print ballot will appear in the July 22 edition of the Press.


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