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Rocks Off Close To 2,000 Twitter Followers... And A New Tattoo

Allow us to step out of the usage of the royal "we" that we use at Rocks Off for a blog that will have a lasting impact for the rest of our lives. Not Rocks Off at large, but one member who made a promise on the Internet that he can never take back. Well, he probably could, but then he would look like a royal liar.

Sometime before SXSW, I made a passing (most likely drunken) promise to the followers of @hprocksoff, the Twitter arm of Rocks Off, that if we ever got to 2,000 real live followers, that I would get a small RO tattoo somewhere on my body.

It was a quick and thoughtless comment that, somehow, people remembered. I goaded it on out of jest to get more people to follow. If more people follow us on Twitter, more people can see how awesome music is in Houston and so forth. Everyone wins in the end.

Tuesday at our weekly RO blog meeting, I let it slip that I had made the deal, which immediately made it into law. My big mouth and I need to have a long talk before he makes any more decisions that involve any other parts of my body. Believe me, he's wily. As revenge, I should get Rocks Off tattoo inside my bottom lip. How you like them apples?

Village Voice Media has been pretty happy with my Twittering since I took it over full-time in January. You can get an idea of what I will say in my Aftermath reviews just by following me at big shows or even little ones. I think the tipping point was when I covered the Stryper show and, during the closing prayer, said this:

"I'm supposed to be praying but I am tweeting."

I'm a tad semi-sorta religious, but in my heart I'm sure God was cool with it.

As it stands now we have 1,979 followers, but I need to pare that down and get rid of the inactive and spam accounts. Anytime I mention sex toys or ladyboys, or Justin Beiber, we seem to get bots following us. I will be damned if I get a tattoo because some troll from Norway does a Twitter search and follows us because I derogatorily mention Nickelback

Once we do hit a true-blue 2,000 I will go to Dustin, my tattoo artist of the past seven years, and get a Rocks Off tattoo, more than likely on my leg or inside my mouth, seeing that I have no free unspoken for room on my already-sleeved arms. It won't be that big, more than likely just the logo.

You only live once and music is my life, and this blog has been my main boo for the past two years, so why the hell not? To my future wife, 2010 was a strange time.

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