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Rocks Off Is Looking for One Good Intern

Do you like music? A lot? Are you always annoying your friends because you won't shut up about your latest discovery on iTunes or that band you saw last weekend at Meridian, the Mink or Super Happy Fun Land?

Here at Rocks Off, we understand, and we may have a place for you. For the upcoming spring semester, we're looking for someone to help us cover the local music scene top to bottom, which could mean anything from reviewing a show at the Toyota Center to braving the mosh pit at Mango's or Fitzgerald's. And it's not all scut-work (look it up), either. Besides helping us keep our clubs database current (copy-editing and fact-checking), you'll be able to review shows and interview musicians, among other things. We may toss a CD or two your way, and if you know your way around a camera (still and video), so much the better.

If you're willing to give us about 15 hours a week - between five and ten of those here in the Press offices downtown - we think we can make it worth your while. Bear in mind you must be able to provide your own transportation, and must be enrolled in a college-level (including community college) program that offers credit for internships. Because you will earn it.

Any previous journalism experience - yes, even blogging - is obviously a plus. Please send a cover letter/resume and no more than two or three writing samples to [email protected]... soon. And good luck!

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Chris Gray has been Music Editor for the Houston Press since 2008. He is the proud father of a Beatles-loving toddler named Oliver.
Contact: Chris Gray