Rocks Off Is Not Going Dark Over Thanksgiving, Turkeys

Once you shake yourself out of that Tryptophan coma tomorrow, Rocks Off would like to invite all of you over to our own Thanksgiving buffet. Craig Hlavaty and Brittanie Shey go toe to toe over the songs they're least thankful for, yours truly will have a report from tonight's Raphael Saadiq show at House of Blues, and Shea Serrano gets ever closer to the greatest Houston rap album of all time with No. 9 on our H-Town Countdown. Like we're going to tell you what it is now. And at high noon, we'll announce the winner of our Musical Turkey of the Year. You don't want to miss that - and trust us, it's well-deserved. Friday, gird your loins for the holiday retail rush by watching Pete Vonder Haar's choices for the best music videos set in shopping malls, and take a gander at some of the best Flip-cam footage we've collected at the many, many, many concerts we've been to this year. Also, Lonesome Onry and Mean handicaps the field at KILT's upcoming Ten Man Jam (well, eight men and two women), John S. Gray breaks down the biggest Rock Star Stereotypes, and we'll conclude our Bruce Springsteen series with a look at the four shows the Boss and his E Street compadres have played in Houston since reforming for their 2000 reunion tour. On a more serious note, we'll also have details about Saturday's memorial show for late Free Press Houston staffer Lee Powers. Rocks Off wishes all our readers and their loved ones a safe, healthy and very happy Thanksgiving. And beat the hell outta A&M! Hook 'em Horns!

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