Rocks Off Is Too Critical For CMT

If you've been following Rocks Off's rodeo coverage, which hopefully you have, you've probably noticed that we've found a few of the entertainers' performances to be less than stellar. Which is not to say we haven't been having a blast down at Reliant Park with thousands of our friends and neighbors.

CMT has certainly noticed and, um, "called us out" on it a few hours ago. According to CMT blogger Craig Shelburne:

"The bloggers for the Houston Press haven't been all that impressed with the country concerts at this year's RodeoHouston. You know, I certainly haven't liked all the concerts I've written about either. In my opinion, some of them were truly awful. When that happens, I just mostly describe what happened, rather than taking cheap shots at the artist."

Ouch. You know, Craig, that's we've been doing too. It's called calling 'em like we see 'em. You must have missed that Rocks Off himself gave Alan Jackson a very favorable review - so what if we didn't like the first song? - or that he at least tried to find something good to say about Toby Keith's mess of a performance Tuesday. And we're pretty sure Reba will be all right tonight. Stay tuned...

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Note: Rocks Off is pretty sure our rodeo reviews came to CMT's attention via Google alert, so just in case: CMT CMT CMT CMT CMT CMT CMT CMT CMT CMT. There.

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