Rocks Off Mercilessly Mocked on National Anti-Hipster Blog

Rocks Off would like to extend our congratulations - we guess - to our lieutenant, Craig Hlavaty. Craig's picture of him sitting on Santa's lap (above), culled from his slideshow of Houston-area mall Santas last December, went bad and nationwide Sunday, appearing on the hilarious picture blog Look At This Fucking Hipster.

Our feelings about 25-year-old dudes (Craig has since turned 26) sitting on grown men's laps aside, Rocks Off thinks Craig looks just fine - especially compared to the girl in the right half of the picture, who appears to be wearing about 13 different layers of clothing. Maybe it was the man-purse/scarf combo - the only thing that screams "hipster" more than a long scarf like that is an ascot. So don't go getting any ideas there, Craig.

Still, Craig and whoever his picture-mate up there is got off relatively easy. All the accompanying caption says is "Look at this fucking Santa connection." Meanwhile, the unfortunate subjects of the surrounding pictures - who accessorize with adult braces, Ralph Nader tattoos, crocheted chain necklaces, a double-decker bicycle and both a washing machine and bottle of cough syrup - get it far, far worse.

And ironically (hipsters are big on irony, ya know), both Rocks Off and Hlavaty have gone on record several times about how much we cannot stand hipsters, and how - like hippies and Aggies - the only reason we tolerate them at all is because they're so much fun to make fun of. Obviously, Look at This Fucking Hipster agrees.

Since Craig's eerily Full Metal Jacket-like Marine Corps picture ran Monday, this will be the last time his likeness appears on Rocks Off for a while. And for the record, what was he asking Santa for in that picture anyway?

"Lily Allen."

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