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Rocks Off Open For Bidness On Memorial Day

James McMurtry, "Memorial Day":

Rocks Off has no idea what we're going to be doing on Memorial Day; we just know we're not going to be here, as in the office. We suspect Leon's Lounge will be involved somehow, because it usually is.

But you should be here, as in on this very Web site, because we have some very special red-letter programming lined up, and we're kicking it off with some real dynamite.

Here's what's cooking right now on the Rocks Off grill:

Classic Rock Bob Ruggiero talks to AC/DC's No. 1 Geordie, Brian Johnson, about his new book Rockers and Rollers: a Full-Throttle Memoir. We're really excited about this one.

Paul Wall, Delo, hasHBrown and other local rappers discuss how long they think DMX can stay out of jail this time.

Yours Truly says happy birthday to Looney Tunes creator Mel Blanc by compiling some of Bug's Bunny's gweatest hits. Expect a special appewance or two by Elmer Fudd.

Jef With One F, who is practicing deep immersion therapy at Comicpalooza all weekend, gives us four comic books that would make better musicals. Than Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, we assume, but you'll just have to come back to find out.

Finally, our writers weigh in on their favorite albums of 2011 so far, including local and Texas releases.

Our regular programming, including reviews of this weekend's Rick Springfield and Cage the Elephant shows, will resume Tuesday.

Rocks Off would also like to remember our late grandfathers D. Swinney Gray and Thomas J. Bowser, both of whom served in the U.S. Army in WWII. Whatever we do wind up doing on Memorial Day, we'll be thinking of y'all.

Have a safe and sticky rock and roll holiday weekend. See you next Tuesday.

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