Rocks Off Requests Trae On The Box

t this morning's press conference announcing Trae the Truth's civil lawsuit against 97.9 The Box and its parent company Radio One (see previous entry), community activist Deric Muhammad asked the media present to call the station and request Trae's music. Rocks Off asked our rap writer Shea Serrano to do that, and also request some other song he knew the station would play. Serrano called The Box 68 times and got through to the DJ on duty, who did not give her name, three. FIRST TIME Rocks Off: Hi, ma'am. Can you please play "Inkredible" by Trae? DJ [pause]: Gotcha. I'll see if I can get it coming up for ya. SECOND TIME RO: Can you play that "My Chick Bad" song by Ludacris? DJ: Yeah, sure, honey. It's gonna come on after the mix, okay? RO: Cool. Thanks. Serrano's Note: I asked for this because they've been giving tickets away to this Friday's [Arena Theater] show. It ended up being played at 11:34 a.m. THIRD TIME RO: Hey, how come you all never play that song with Rick Ross and Lil' Wayne and Trae? I think it's called "Inkredible." It's really good. DJ: [click]

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