Rocks Off Won't Be Here This Weekend, But You Should Be

Well, it's Labor Day weekend, and Rocks Off already has one foot out the door. Actually, by the time you read this, we'll be long gone, but we've got all sorts of things on tap for you this weekend. So get out of the pool at some point, dry off and come see us. You can't watch college football all weekend, after all. Saturday William Michael Smith previews Kevin "Shinyribs" Russell's (right) rare journey outside Under the Volcano to the Last Concert Cafe. Ray Cummings has a few suggestions for "requests" for Eminem entourage D-12 at the Detroit playas' House of Blues show in the latest installment of "Heckler's Delight." Sunday Rocks Off talks to Demir Demirkan of Turkish folk/pop/jazz duo Painted on Water, who plays Meridian Sunday evening, about combining Anatolian traditional music with Western styles, where that evocative name came from and more. Craig Hlavaty previews yet another new branch of the Homopolice bush, the Energy, in time for the band's debut show Sunday night at the Mink. Monday Nicholas L. Hall cornered Fruit Bats front man Eric Johnson - no, not the Austin guitar whiz - and asked him all 23 questions in Chuck Klosterman's Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs. We can't believe he made it through all 23 either. Craig Hlavaty compiled a list of Happy Working Songs for your Labor Day enjoyment. Finally, John S. Gray has been busy compiling album covers for a pair of Labor Day slideshows. We're going to go ahead and keep those a surprise. Have a great Labor Day weekend. See you around the horseshoe pit!

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