Rocks Off Would Like for You to Join Us; Music Freelancers Wanted

We have some excellent music writers here at the Houston Press and Rocks Off. But we'd like a few more. It's a big city out there, and a vast music scene.

So Rocks Off is looking to add a few more stalls to our stables, a few more arrows to our quiver, a few more shades to our color wheel. We want to meet some new people who are as passionate about music and writing as we are and who wouldn't mind a little more walking-around money.

It's a lot more than reviewing shows, too, in case you're curious. We do plenty of that, but at Rocks Off we also indulge in interviews, commentary, analysis, list-making, breaking news and occasional bouts of tomfoolery. Music writing should be fun, but we take everything we do very seriously.

Journalism experience is encouraged but not required, and a working knowledge of the English language and how to use it properly is essential. Photography and/videography skills wouldn't hurt. Writers who live in Houston and are especially proficient in country music, EDM and/or hip-hop are a bonus.

Please send three to five brief (no more than 500 words) samples of your music-related nonfiction writing to chris dot gray at houstonpress dot com. No phone calls, please.


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