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Rocks Off's 2011 New Year's Resolutions

Editor's Pick: To "support the scene" more in 2011. Just kidding.

Marc Brubaker: Houston, I have a confession to make. As far as music writers go, this one is pretty bad, too: I have a terrible habit of sleeping on bands just because they are popular. Often, when a new band picks up a lot of collective buzz, I'll simply ignore them, usually revisiting them when the hype has died down.

Case in point: I passed on The National until High Violet was nearly upon us, and even then I only dug up their album Alligator - which is amazing. I still have yet to listen to Local Natives, or several other bands that folks were fawning over this year. However, I vow to end this terrible transgression in 2011, just don't get angry the first time I pan something that everybody seems to love.

John Seaborn Gray: I need to listen to more new music, local and otherwise. 2010 was the year that saw me falling embarrassingly behind on new releases. Sure, I got into some great old albums, but there was no need to have that happen at the expense of the new stuff. I just need to throw on music more, rather than sitting and typing in silence like I'm doing now.

Craig Hlavaty: I really want to start getting off the beaten path, as far as folk, electronica, Latin, and tribute bands go. I feel like branching out a little.

Jef With One F: 2011 will not pass with me putting out a new album. This writing gig is fun, and it sure pays better than actually making music, but I'm tired of sitting on my ass and watching.

2011 will be the year that I cremate the Black Math Experiment and watch The Ghost of Cliff Burton rise from its ashes. I've got loads to tell you guys about, like how I call lesbian sex the annexation of Puerto Rico! I've got to tell you about the Divine Church of the Broken CD and the brave men and women of the New York Sewer Alligator Patrol. I've got to tell you about the cruel murder of Barnaby the Pink Elephant and what happened after Evil Wizard Jesus fell.

You're gonna love it. Or not. Don't really care. As Florence Foster Jenkins once said, "They may say I can't sing, but they'll never say I didn't sing."

Matthew Keever: We've mentioned it before, but we'll reiterate: Let's all take ourselves a little bit less seriously. Music is supposed to be fun. And while I too sometimes find myself being unnecessarily serious, I plan to watch my behavior (and alter it, if need be) to better enjoy concerts for what they are - entertainment.

Brittanie Shey: Seek out new music and stop listening to 40-year-old records. And to go see more shows. My new job has hampered my nightlife a bit, but I miss reviewing concerts.

William Michael Smith: To hire a ninja assassin to take out anyone who scribbles one more damn line about "what's wrong with the scene."

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