Rocks Off's Brother Once Stepped in Human Shit at a U2 Show... Got a Better Astrodome Story?

Smash Mouth had just finished playing, and not coincidentally, Rocks Off's brother John had just returned from a trip to the bathroom. It was November 1997, and we were watching the stagehands putting the finishing touches on U2's ginormous set in the Astrodome. The Irish rockers were touring behind


, an album as underachieving - and also underrated - as

No Line on the Horizon

, the reason for their October 14 stop next door at Reliant Stadium with Muse. Suddenly Rocks Off caught a whiff of a most foul and unmistakeable odor. "Hey pal, do you smell shit?" He sniffed a couple of times. "Yeah, I think so." "Where's it coming from? It's pretty strong." "I don't know." Then he spied the bottom of his shoe. "Oh my God, I got


on me!" It seems someone had somehow managed to miss the toilet entirely while emptying their bowels - or, given the general state of the venue's facilities, had simply decided to squat on the floor.

Ah, the Dome. God help us, Rocks Off still misses the place. While it was open, though, some pretty memorable concerts rolled through there - for, we're guessing, reasons completely unrelated to human excrement. We've compiled a partial list of non-rodeo Astrodome concerts, but feel free to add to it, and please tell us what you remember from your musical trips to the Dome in the comments. Elvis Presley, 1970 or '71 (6 shows) Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue, Stevie Wonder, Isaac Hayes, January 1976 (benefit for boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, rescheduled from New Orleans) Rolling Stones, Tattoo You tour, 1981 (2 nights) The Who, "Farewell tour," 1982 Rush, 1984 The Jacksons, Victory tour, 1984 Pink Floyd, 1987 The Who (ahem), Stevie Ray Vaughan, 1989 Rolling Stones, Steel Wheels tour, 1989 Metallica/Guns N' Roses, 1992 Paul Simon, 1992 U2, Zoo TV "Outside Broadcast" tour, 1992 Rolling Stones, Voodoo Lounge tour, 1994 U2, PopMart tour, 1997 'N Sync, 2001

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