Electric Rodeo

Rocks Off's Fantasy RodeoHouston Lineup

If you walk through Reliant Center, hanging from the ceiling are banners listing almost every musical performer RodeoHouston has hosted since the '60s. The names reflect the hallowed history of country and fleeting fancies of the pop-music world, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson mingling with names you couldn't pick out of a police line-up to save your life, like Color Me Badd and Exile.

Each rodeo season typically includes around 20 musical performers spread out over the course of the nearly month-long event. Looking at the list of names is daunting. Most of the best have passed away, while the others probably wouldn't fit into the current pop-country mode well enough to move tickets to the greater rodeo-going public.

The typical Rascal Flatts fan would probably shrug at names like Buck Owens and Roger Miller, and continue cackling and skinning the kitty-cat they just found on the street alive.

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Craig Hlavaty
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