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Rocks Off's Music-Centric Hurricane Survival Kit

Lost in the middle of all the pre-Summer Fest excitement was the fact that the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season started on June 1. Of course, that's only the official start; unofficially things kicked off back on May 19 with the formation of Tropical Storm Alberto.

While forecasters predict this to be a mild hurricane season, that's no reason for us to get lazy. We're not saying you have to go drop a ton of cash on supplies, but being a little prepared doesn't hurt, either. If a storm does start heading our direction, do you really want to spend an afternoon fighting your way through the angry hordes to buy peanut butter and powdered milk?

Being prepared for a storm doesn't have to be serious business, either. The truth is that if a storm does decide to visit the Lone Star State, there's going to be a bunch of downtime, whether it's waiting for the storm to get here, waiting for it to pass or waiting for things to get back to normal.

And whether you decide to pass the storm by having a party or making your own music, it doesn't hurt to be prepared to keep the music going through the storm.

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