Rocks Off's Picks For This Weekend's Fun Fun Fun Fest

First off, the entire Rocks Off team agrees unanimously that we are all excited to see Run-D.M.C. at this year's edition of Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, even though writer /photographer Marco Torres has already seen them this year at Jay-Z's Made In America Music Festival.


Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012 Releases Daily Schedule

Talking to James Moody, Co-Captain of HMS Fun Fun Fun Fest

Rocks Off has collected our picks for FFFF before we head west to cover festival for you all here in Houston. Don't worry, you guys are getting plenty of FFFF runoff in town, with Converge, Tomahawk, Against Me!, Public Image Ltd., Rakim and Kreayshawn making it into the Houston city limits.


BOB MOULD: My experience with Bob Mould is completely the opposite of my experience with Santigold. I'm not super-familiar with his work, either solo or with Husker Dü, but what I have heard I've liked, and I've never seen him live. The guy is the kind of legend I put into the same category as Mike Watt, and his voice is instantly recognizable, so I'm looking forward to the experience of seeing him in concert. He's also doing a DJ set on Friday night at Red 7 which could be interesting -- he's somewhat well-known as a DJ in Washington D.C. (5:05 p.m., Orange Stage) BRITTANIE SHEY

EARTH: Earth's ambient, vocal-free doom-metal sounds like mountains being pulverized into dust. The brainchild of Dylan Carlson, the man who helped Kurt Cobain buy the shotgun that ended the grunge movement, Earth's catalog has the capability of entrancing and inspiring whatever beast it is that is in you. 2005's comeback disc Hex (Or Printing in the Infernal Method) is a staple of my record collection. Earth's inclusion on the FFFF bill makes me wish that Swans and Sunn0))) were also on board. Maybe next year. (6:45 p.m., Yellow Stage) CRAIG HLAVATY

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SANTIGOLD:To be honest, I just basically love her (above) and everything she's done. Her last two albums are steller and represent such a range of musical influences that you almost never know what a show will be like (short of the ever-present Santigold dancers). And even though I saw her just a few months ago at House of Blues, I can never seem to get enough of Santigold. (7:40 p.m., Orange Stage) BRITTANIE SHEY


KREAYSHAWN: This rude and tattooed Oakland rapper has eluded me each time she has been in Houston and Austin. But now I get to see/hear what all the fuss is about, or was about, as her 15 minutes are possibly almost up. Either way, I think she's cute, and I'm looking forward to her show. (4 p.m., Blue Stage) MARCO TORRES

DAVID CROSS: One of the things that sets FFFFest off from other big festivals is the comedy stage. And David Cross is fresh off his honeymoon, about to return to TV in for the reunion of the much-loved sitcom Arrested Development. What better time to catch his act? (5 p.m., Yellow Stage) BRITTANIE SHEY

REFUSED:Two big influential groups reunited in 2012: At The Drive-In and the Refused. It looks like ATID is pretty much back in the storage closet, but the Refused have a few more gigs to go before they put the car back in the garage in December for the foreseeable future. Plenty of my friends have already seen this reunion live and sing its praises, and thankfully I get to witness it for Rocks Off this weekend. (8:50 p.m., Black Stage) CRAIG HLAVATY


A.DD+: This dynamic duo from Dallas has been touted as "The Next OutKast," and their LP When Pigs Fly was equally as excellent. MCs Paris and Slim offer up smooth, fun, progressive rhymes, backed by producer Picnictyme and all-star DJ Sober One. The best young rap group to come out of Texas in a very long time, so don't miss them. (1:10 p.m. Sunday, Blue Stage) MARCO TORRES

LITURGY: Man, you gotta be something special if NPR and SPIN rep your distinct brand of "transcendental black metal," right? That black-metal tag has been irking some in the greater metal community, who have looked at Liturgy as posers of some sort, but Aesthethica's hour is still bursting with energy and fright, and since when have we ever listened to people who seriously use the term "poser" outside of high school? (2:05 p.m. Sunday, Black Stage) CRAIG HLAVATY

RAKIM: The greatest rapper of all time will grace FFFFest with his unmistakable and majestic baritone and equally illustrious rhymes, making a fan of even the most metal of metalheads who happen to be walking by on their way to see Turbonegro. By the way, did you know A$AP Rocky's real name is Rakim? His mother was a big fan. Don't miss The God Emcee. (6:10 p.m. Sunday, Blue Stage) MARCO TORRES


EDWARD SHARPE & THE MAGNETIC ZEROES: I missed these guys at ACL two years ago, and missed the hippie barefoot antics of lead singer Alex Ebert. Their song "Home" is a triumph, spawning hundreds of tributes on the interwebs, including the cutest (and my favorite) by Jorge and Alexa Navarez. (8:50 p.m., Orange Stage) MARCO TORRES

TURBONEGRO: Deathpunkers Turbonegro have been a constant in my life since I first heard Ass Cobra sometime in the late '90s. I didn't know it when I first heard them on a punk compilation that their swagger and homoerotic chicanery would follow me into my '30s, but here I am in 2012, buying glitter and starching my denim and sailor hot for Saturday night. Also, I am excited to see how new lead singer Duke of Nothing shakes his business. Sell Hlavaty to the night. (8:50 p.m., Black Stage) CRAIG HLAVATY

BLACK MOTH SUPER RAINBOW: I decided while watching the Black Lips at Austin City Limits Fest a mere three weeks ago that I think post-punk is my favorite musical genre. It's just so all-encompassing. Black Moth Super Rainbow remind me somewhat of Sparks but with a more eccentric-up, more electronica bent, while still giving off a low-fi vibe. And they are super bizarre. Not much is known about the band -- for one, all the members go by weird names -- so I expect seeing them live will be pleasantly mind-fucking. (9 p.m., Yellow Stage) BRITTANIE SHEY

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