Rocks Off's Punk Professor Pens Vitriol-Filled Book

To a casual viewer, punk rock flyers and gig posters can be as violent, messy and discordant as as the music they advertise. But to David Ensminger, who's been these paper artifiacts since at least the 1990s, the flyers are a part of the history and folklore of the punk culture. His new book, Visual Vitriol: The Street Art and Subcultures of the Punk and Hardcore Generation, explores the DIY tradition of the street art from the 1970s on, as well as the participation of several subgroups of the punk culture.

"The books looks at the participation of women, lesbians, black people, subgroups that usually don't get included when you think about punk," says Ensminger, Rocks Off's resident punk specialist who has recently reviewed Peter Case and TSOL. "It's usually associated with groups that are mostly white, mostly male, mostly middle-class."

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