Rocks Off's Rodeo Concert Guide: Actual Texans The Eli Young Band

Date: March 19

Name: Eli Young Band

AKA: "Who?"

Genre: Up and country

Best Known Song(s): "When It Rains," "Always the Love Songs"

Key Demographic: UNT grads, people who think "fire" and "guitar" actually rhyme

Previous HLSR Appearances: none

Houston Connections, If Any: Unknown, though unlike many of this year's Rodeo acts, the Eli Young Band is actually from Texas (Denton)

If You Like This, Chances Are You'll Like:

Jason Aldean, Rascal Flatts, whatever other unit shifter your local "Hot Country" station is pimping this week

Odds of Wearing a Hat: 25%

Because He/She's Bald? Every band has the one guy with the hat, but we're not sure if Eli Young's representative is bald or not

Odds of Onstage Injury: Only if Eli's wallet chain gets loose

Odds of These Guys Being Around in 20 Years: Given the current state of country music, pretty good. Those tats are gonna look awfully silly, though.

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