Rocks Off's Rodeo Concert Guide: Darius "Don't Call Me Hootie" Rucker

Date: March 9 Name: Darius Rucker AKA: "Hootie" Genre: Post-grunge country Best Known Song(s): "I Only Wanna Be With You," "Hold My Hand," "Alright" [sic] Key Demographic: Ex-frat boys looking to relive their millennial glory days; slightly tone-deaf, time travelers from the year 3017 who want to witness the exact moment human civilization began to unravel Previous HLSR Appearances: 2009 Houston Connections, If Any: First black country performer at the Rodeo since Charley Pride (2002), which means nothing, except that the phrase "black country performer" still looks weird when we type it.

If You Like This, Chances Are You'll Like: Color Me Badd, Natalie Merchant's "harder" stuff, Monica Lewinsky jokes Odds of Wearing a Hat: Burger King commercial Because He/She's Bald? Well, he is bald, but doesn't usually wear a hat, which was kind of our point. Odds of Onstage Injury: Are any of the other Blowfish in town? Are they drunk and surly? Odds of a Dan Marino Cameo: 0.0

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