Rocks Off's Rodeo Concert Guide: Jason Aldean

The Rocks Off Rodeo Concert Guide is our annual helpful (?) primer for those of you unsure about your HLSR music choices for the big event at Reliant Stadium.

Date: March 11

Name: Jason Aldean

AKA: "That guy in a hat. No, not him. No, the other one."

What Kind of Music Is It? Party country.

Have I Heard Any of His Songs? "Big Green Tractor" or "Dirt Road Anthem" were probably playing in the background of the last brawl at Bob's Country Bunker.

Does He Know What "The Shocker" Is? Even though he famously claimed he hadn't read a book in 20 years, we'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Appropriate Controlled Substance(s) for Pre-Show Raging? Keystone Light and a bowl full of stems.

Can I Wear My Affliction T-Shirt? Anything to add a little excitement.

Will There Be Chicks There? We suspect Aldean may run second only to Kenny Chesney (March 12!) in sheer tonnage of Rocky Mountain-clad ass.

Will We Get into a Fight? Signs point to "yes." We know "Fly Over States" always makes us want to hit somebody.

Best Song(s) to Leave to Take a Dump? "Don't You Wanna Stay," "The Only Way I Know."

Check Out the Show or Stay Home and Watch Lacrosse? It's the sport of the future, brah.

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