Rocks Off's Ultra-Hip Rodeo Concert Guide: Reba

Date: March 9

Name: Reba McEntire

AKA: "Reba"... wait, when did she get the single-name treatment? Was it before or after that horrible TV show?

Genre: Pure country

Best Known Song(s): "Fancy," "Does He Love You," "What Do You Say" and about a gazillion others.

Key Demographic: Older, financially secure, with the occasional nerd looking for an autograph on his Tremors poster thrown in for good measure.

Previous HLSR Appearance(s): 1984, 1987-89, 1991-2000, 2004, 2007, 2009

Houston Connections, If Any: Rocks Off spent two luxurious nights stranded in a motor court in Reba's hometown of Kiowa, Okla. during the 1978-79 ice storm.

If You Like This, Chances Are You'll Like: Bad television, Bobby Gentry, and the Bass Federation National Champiosnhip.

Odds of Wearing a Hat: 0 percent

Because He/She's Bald? Reba does not need to resort to cheap gimmickry.

Odds of Onstage Injury: She used to work a ranch. At 56, she's probably still in better shape than most of you gourmet cupcake-eating assholes.

Odds of Rocks Off Singing Along At The Top Of Our Lungs To "Fancy:" 800 percent.

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