Rogue Improv Asks Juggalos: How Do They Work?

Video By Nikki Mitchell & Lisa Friedrich

For Saturday night's Houston Juggalo Mini-Gathering, Rocks Off wasn't the only one on the ground taking pictures and video, soaking in the Dark Carnival vibe. Members of Rogue Improv, a comedy troupe that performs on Thursday nights upstairs at AvantGarden, asked a group of Juggalos about their culture and what it means to them.

Rogue member Amy Birkhead asked a young man by the name of Wet Black to describe the family aspect of being a Juggalo, the camaraderie of the fans of the group, and showered Faygo on another Juggalo for the cameras. Sadly someone in the crowd threw a beer bottle in the direction of the small camera crew during the shoot, with the bottle shattering onto Washington Avenue. Bad Juggalos.

Birkhead asked Wet Black how magnets worked, and predictably he couldn't tell her. Vice Magazine in New York City went out into Union Square and found that most non-Juggalos couldn't tell you how magnets worked. Mind you these were people in the community who most would describe as learned and sophisticated.

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