Roky Erickson

It's hard to believe it's been more than three years now since we were so excited about Roky Erickson's first Houston appearance in nearly two decades. The day of that June 2009 show, we even spent our lunch hour with a little Flip camera, stopping people in the downtown tunnels to ask if they'd ever heard of the Texas psych-rock legend. (A couple of them actually had.) Since then, the Houston Press's not inconsiderable coverage of Erickson has more or less sounded two notes, like a great grungy Thirteenth Floor Elevators chord: Some variation of the title of that band's 1966 near-hit "You're Gonna Miss Me" (because we will), plus an ever-increasing admiration of how much not just Erickson's health has improved in those three years, but his music as well. Great as albums like the Elevators' Easter Everywhere are, 2010 Okkervil River collaboration True Love Cast Out All Evil is as funny and strange and tender and rocking as anything Erickson did in the '60s. We hope to see much more to come. With the crucial assistance of well-wishers all over the world and family members like son/manager/opener Jager, Erickson's comeback has already been nothing short of a miracle.

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