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Roky Moon & BOLT!, Glam-Rock Monsters Of Midtown

Each Wednesday, Rocks Off arbitrarily appoints one lucky local performer or group "Artist of the Week," bestowing upon them all the fame and grandeur such a lofty title implies. Know a band or artist that isn't awful? Email their particulars to sheaserrano@gmail.com.

Occasionally - not often, but occasionally - we'll have to be "sold" on a band before knighting them Artist of the Week. Some bands just don't jump clean out the speakers. There was no such coaxing necessary with this week's choice, prime-cut rock-n'-roller fivesome Roky Moon and BOLT.

If it's hard to describe exactly what it is that's appealing about RMB - they're quirky but serious and fun, but with content that's a little disconcerting, and seemingly oblivious to the rest of the universe, but actually entirely tuned in to what's happening in the cosmos - it's damn near impossible to pick out anything that they do wrong musically. They're pretty much good at everything they try, it seems.

So we reached out to talk a bit about monsters, penises (but not monster penises) and guys with beards that front indie bands. Tadow!

Rocks Off: In six words, tell everyone everything they need to know about Roky Moon and BOLT.

Roky Moon: Ultimate rock and roll adventure party.

RO: Something that's always intrigued us: Why is BOLT capitalized? Or, perhaps more deviantly, why isn't Roky Moon capitalized?

RM: Hmm... I think I started writing it like that because it looks exciting. Usually there is an exclamation point at the end as well. Mine is not in all caps...wait, WHY isn't mine in all caps?! I'm gonna fix that right now.

RO: In "The Monster Came Out of the Woods," is that in any way a metaphor for your penis? Because that would be excellent.

RM: Oh wow, I wish it was. Truthfully, the song is a piece I was writing to use in the rock opera I have been working on. It is about the main character Avory's penis...

RO: [laughs]

RM: No, really it is about him succumbing to a struggle within himself and becoming evil.

RO: Speaking of (monsters, not penises), there are four songs on your MySpace page, two of which refer to monsters in the title. Surely this is some sort of commentary on some sort of something?

RM: Surely there are parts of myself that end up in every piece of material I write. Staying up until 10 a.m. with your windows blacked out writing and altering your mind can only make you feel like one thing: A real monster. So I guess it is something that I lean towards when writing.

RO: You all just celebrated your album release party; talk a bit about the album. Surely it is the greatest album in the history of all albums?

RM: The album came out great. We did our release at The Mink and we just had our re-release at Fitzgerald's last Saturday, and both shows were a smash. Once again thanks to all of the people that came out. Both shows were PACKED!

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As far commentary on the actual album, I can say that it is a collection of some of the first material we wrote and I am so glad that we finally put it all down on a record and got it out there. I am curious to hear more from other people about how they feel about the record.

RO: Is it absolutely imperative that the lead singer of a quirky, retro-ish indie rock band have a beard? It sure seems like it is.

RM: Well, I look better with a beard, I think. I hope I don't seem unoriginal.

See Roky Moon & BOLT on MySpace and Facebook, and look for their new album, American Honey, coming in 2011 on Zenhill Records.

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