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The Rolling Stones Return to Houston in 2019

One of rocks greatest acts are still alive and kicking and heading back to Houston.
One of rocks greatest acts are still alive and kicking and heading back to Houston. Photo by Dave Hogan
And so it turns out that the rumors that have been swirling around over the past few days are true: The Rolling Stones are returning to Houston. As a press release that just landed points out, it’ll be The Rolling Stones first trip to this part of Texas in over a decade. Their last performance in Houston was way back in 2005 on the A Bigger Bang Tour for a more modest performance at the Toyota Center. This time around will be a bit more grand, as they’ll be taking the stage over at NRG Stadium on April 28, 2019.

Houston isn’t the only stop on the 13-date No Filter tour, and if you’ve got friends in Seattle, Denver or Chicago, among others, next Spring/Summer might be a delightful time to go visit time. Tickets for all the shows, including the Houston stop, go on sale Friday, November 30, which means you’ll probably want to adjust this week’s Black Friday spending accordingly; Stones tickets would make pretty sweet Christmas gifts for the rock music fan in your life.

The press release promises you’ll get the hits — “Sympathy For The Devil,” “Paint It Black” and “Brown Sugar” are mentioned specifically — as well as some special deep cuts, so you should probably get to work on revisiting their catalog now. There’s no word on an opening act yet, but historically they’ve always had really great acts in the opening slot; this year’s European tour featuring opening sets from The Struts, Trombone Shorty and Texas native Leon Bridges, among others.

So yes, the long wait is over, and in just a few months you’ll be rocking along to The Rolling Stones if that’s your jam. Could this be their very last gig in Houston? Maybe, but more than any other band out there it feels like The Rolling Stones should just be touring forever. And with advancements in medical technology, maybe they will be. But even still, why risk having to wait another decade for them to come back around? Better to get your satisfaction now, while you can.
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