Rolling Stones To Screen 1972 Texas Shows In Movie Theaters

In 1972, the Rolling Stones were arguably at their live zenith, rumbling through the world behind that year's Exile on Main Street and blazing a debauched path of crazy sex, deviant drugs and bluesy rock and roll.

The live footage from Ladies and Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones was culled from concerts here in Houston, where the band did two shows at Hofheinz Pavilion, and Fort Worth in June 1972. The set lists from this tour didn't include "Rocks Off." Sad face. But to see the band in this era at full-tilt boogie more than makes up for it.

This concert film hasn't been seen by the public in some years. It had its theatrical debut in 1974 but the rights to the film became muddled and it hasn't been seen much since. The Stones reacquired it in the late '90s, but have sitting on it for some time.

On September 16, the Stones are allowing a one-day showing of the film at theaters across the country, including at least a dozen big screens here in the Houston area. The film finally hits the market for home viewing when DVD and Blu-Ray versions are released in November.

If you were at either of these shows, let us know so we can curse your name, you lucky bastards.

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