Rosa's Photo Corner

Rosa's Photo Corner: "B" and Born Liars in Kodachrome

Kodak Elite Chrome color slide film a/k/a Kodachrome was spotlighted on today's Engines of Our Ingenuity, and in fact, has been immortalized by Paul Simon in song. The modern professional version of this legendary film is the Kodak Ektachrome brand. Here I am teetering on a ladder, shooting "B" in the very low-light sound studio (pre-Ike anyways) Dead City Sound. Easily my favorite slide film, Ektrachrome 1600 has since been discontinued. Nikon FA, F3.8, pushed twice.

I took this photo of the Liars by the railroad tracks just off Washington Avenue on assignment for the Free Press. Taken with the notoriously unforgiving, inflexible and now extinct Ektachrome 100. Available light, pushed twice.

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Rosa Guerrero